FIFA 15 Need to Be Improved [29/12/14 02:59AM]   
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Thereís no denying that Fifa 15 is a very good football game (yeah, yeah, soccer). Itís realistic in many ways and being good, really truly good at it, involves taking all of those amazing details into account. All in all, it can be an amazing experience that makes up for the ones that those of us who were unable to get real professional experience.

Nonetheless, there are some things that break the realism and even make you feel cheated: the fact that so many in-game situations look like fouls. It seems a bit exaggerated at first, but FIFA 15ís physics work in a way in which players usually fall hard and spectacularly. This doesnít really matter when you are playing against an easy AI, but when taking on professional and world class difficulties it begins to weigh on the overall experience. 

While human players try to play it clean and avoid having players booked or sent off, Fifa 15ís AI opponents seem to use full force and dangerous tackles with an astounding amount of success. This wouldnít be a problem if they didnít make your players slam into the floor, which additionally prevents any quick reaction. As this happens more and more often, itís pretty easy to get angry and frustrated.

The gameís physics are good, but they need a bit of visual balancing so it doesnít look like the referee is being unfair.




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