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Thank you!
The best thing about the PC version is the modding way mod that you can use for any offline mode. So Manager Career is way better with it and the career revolution mod.

With FUT price ranges being implemented from the beginning the market will be better. The reason why they killed the PC market this year, was that there were so many coin glitchers that and good players was costing millions of Fifa 16 coins. You had no real chance of every getting those players without buying coins (which is frowned upon and can get you banned). The problem is that most people bought those players for multi-millions and would have taken a huge loss selling them. So they just kept them. Price ranges from the start will be a good thing for FIFA 16.

FIFA is always a good buy for me personally. I have over 1000 hours in this years FIFA. I play MM, Pro clubs, Player Career and FUT. Then there is H2H which I don't ever play. There are so many good modes, it's worth the buy.

It was the most overpriced due to coin glitchers, the players we unobtainable without buying Fifa coins, if they were any good. So they were basically extinct anyway. The issue with the price ranges is it did kill the market for PC (I do agree there) because all the players were over priced no one wanted to take a huge loss on selling them. If they keep price ranges in FIFA 16 it will be much better since it will be from the start.

I remember the likes of Ronaldo sitting around 1.2 on PC while they were 5m plus on consoles, the coin selling did inflate prices to a certain degree but nowhere near to the same extent as the console users had as coin buying is much more prevalent there

I just like the price ranges because I was actually able to try out and play with more players this year. I had never gotten to play with any of the elite players until this year and it was more enjoyable for me. I can see why people who like trading hate the price ranges.

Indeed the market is pretty dead, high end players are all extinct, and EA does nothing about that. The market was already shitty before, mostly due to coin buying, but at least there were players on the market.
Also, the game is pretty buggy and EA doesn't fix these well known bugs and glitches.

I'd say the game is still worth it given the thousands of hours of gameplay it'll offer you in FUT, Pro Clubs, H2H, and CM (as shitty as it may be).

Honestly, 15 is a pretty shitty game and the PC version of it has been horribly mishandled. I'm still addicted to it because it does weird things to my head but half the time I'm playing it I fucking hate it.
I think it's worthwhile to wait for PES2016 and see if that's any good.




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