A controversial idea for FIFA 16 [16/06/15 08:35AM]   
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I know this won't be to everyone's taste but it's still an interesting idea.

We should be allowed to play slightly dirty here and there. Players like Diego Costa and Raul Garcia are masters of the dark arts. Similarly, we should be able to have altercations with opposing players. Things like a slight push at corners or a cheeky kick out. Fifa16 ultimate team coins

There should be risks to this as well. The referee can issue yellows and sometimes even red cards.

It could be made even more interesting by allowing opposition players to choose their response to the aforementioned provocation. If the person who you're playing against gets really angry because of your cheap shots, he could lash out and risk a red himself.

Also, home fans should raise their volume level everytime an away player acts dirty.


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