What we need for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team [05/06/15 09:05AM]   
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1. Ability to 'test drive' any card in the game in an enhanced Concept Squads feature. You can use that squad in any offline game but you earn no fifa 16 coins/XP for using those concept squads. Always frustrating to build a squad around an expensive IF only to find he's not as good as you expected.

2. Forget EA giving you more flexibility on positions - no way on earth are they giving you the chance to just play David Silva's standard card at CAM with no damage at all. The positions change IFs lose a lost of their appeal then for some people so less incentive to buy packs.

3. Automatically default to High-Vis ball in snow affected weather. Horrific playing in the snow in 15 when you have a white ball as your default.

4. Full kit preview is a definite must

5. IMPROVE THE TRANSFER MARKET FILTERS. The concept squad player search is a life saver when search for upgraded/IF cards. But just give those people who haven't seen that feature the ability to search for the EXACT version of the player on the market. If I want to search for 81 Aubameyang, then let me search for him and apply the various price filters for him. Also let me filter kits/manager league kits and other club items. Searching for cheap kits or footballs is just abominable at the moment.

6. Improved matchmaking so I don't get paired up with people on Mars or have a connection powered by a hamster in a wheel.

7. More facial scans - they should be having their scanners visiting every corner of the globe searching for players to scan into the game!!

8. More free packs available to be won in game - every division win should generate either a free pack or some sort of slot machine like spin like in Forza Horizon 2. You could win anything from 1k bonus coins to a Mega Pack. Don't care if its untradeables - just make actually playing games more beneficial.


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