PoE: What Do You Need To Notice If You Are A New SSF Player? [31/03/18 08:27AM]   
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In Path of Exile, if you are a new SSF player, are there any things you should take into consideration when starting your first build? That should work well for your first build if you just want to farm for your subsequent builds, and it will be strong if you find good gear to go with it too (like a shaper sceptre).

1. Keep leveling gear since you wont be able to buy it.

2. Be careful early with your currency (try not to waste jewelers fuse and chromes, as you'll need to save them up to be able to link anything).

3. Set up your loot filter specifically for SSF.

4. You can kind of deterministically use the beast crafting similar to chancing for items you want.

5. You will need to be careful with how you open your atlas as you can't buy maps (except for zana when she levels or after you do her daily, make sure to buy maps you need from her). Look up a map guide for ssf.

6. Trials are a huge pain in the ass. (its a horrible system). I had a lvl 86, and ran dozens of low tier maps just charging through looking for trials and still didn't get my last uber trial. Finally got it on my next character lvl 75+ (and I've heard of people having much worse luck). So plan your build to be only merc ascended.

7. Save deep one's presence beasts for the 5 prophecy recipe.

8. Use leveling recipes like +1 wands/sceptres.

9. You might want to do the chaos recipe, and will likely want to do the regal recipe.

10. Consider what you want to do with your SSF experience (just one character? Do you want to have like a team based approach with all your characters working toward a goal - i.e. lab farmer, mapper, bosser).

If you are new to the game and don't want to mess up your first build, follow some build guide from our website. Another option is to just mess around yourself and see how things work.


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