The Influence Of Removing Instant Leech In Path Of Exile [28/12/17 10:31AM]   
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Instant leech was a defensive mechanic in path of exile, GGG have removed the instant leech. And now, finally you have to invest into properly labeled defenses, keep an eye out for sketchy map mods, learn boss fights, time flasks and just be more careful and considerate in general.

It is a huge change. You may die more often than you used to and that is a good thing, it shows you how sloppy your play style has become over the past years. Here's some really good defensive mechanics and examples that are hardcore viable in 3.1 for Guardians:

Stacking block (Aegis builds, Bone Offering with Necromancer, shaper/elder shields).

Stacking armour (Juggernaut body armour doubled using Brass Dome [or other high armour chest], Xoph's helm, Iron Reflexes).

Lightning Coil builds.

Mind Over Matter (with or without Cloak of Defiance).

HP regen and life stacking tanks (Righteous Fire).

Endurance Charge stacking, usually combined with armour stacking.

Slayer leech rate stacking with or without new VP.

Those defenses are mostly good. Though a lot of hardcore players don't like them because they still leave you open to the occasional 1-2 shotting when they fail (eg block, dodge are all or nothing, armour doesn't scale well against big hits etc).

For removing instant leech, many players have different opinions. Some of them think that GGG needs to reevaluate all defensive supports, Leech jewels were way overnerfed and they should also increase the leech cap. All in all, however, no matter what GGG changes, the ultimate goal is to allow players to enjoy a richer gaming experience.

Thanks GGG for balancing this game like its a moba, nearly killing all energy shield builds. Removing poison from the game pretty much, which used to enable so many diverse builds, making bosses pretty much an easy choice to skip in maps. GGG not balance around build diversity and instead like this is some kind of competitive online game and not an ARPG.

Path of Exile become a bit more dangerous, however, on the other hand, this game is challenging for players. If you have not tried this game yet, you can try it because the game is completely free. For new players, you probably do not want to go too far behind other players. Therefore, you can buy PoE orbs on our website with cheap price.




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