FIFA 16 must reward good players [03/06/15 09:09AM]   
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So with the new update, it is much harder to get profit from trading. I'm ok with this - this isn't an economical game, it's about who's the best at playing actual fifa. So I think there should be a dramatic shift and emphasis on the players ability in the next fifa for this update to have any positive effect. Let's be honest, there isn't...


   Fut16coin's Greatest Wish for FIFA 16 [01/06/15 08:06AM]   
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Fut16coin's wish for FIFA 16 is that they don't waste time and resources adding useless new "features" to the game like emotional intelligence and the ability to see individual blades of grass. Instead, just make Fut16coin's players more intelligent.



   Make Full Preparation for Coming FIFA 16 Coins Storm [29/05/15 09:54AM]   
(0) Comments,   (90) trackbacks,   Rate this post is a professional FIFA 16 coins store selling virtual currency at an amazingly cheap price. We know that our customers have a massive amount of demand for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins. Therefore, we take the demand into account....


   TOTY Questions [17/01/15 03:49AM]   
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Hi all, new to next gen (well technically next next gen) Fifa, the last time I played it was back on the mega drive and all the players had stars around them!
Finally caught up with technology and got an xbox one in the Christmas...


   To prepare FIFA 15 coins for the coming TOTY [09/01/15 09:30AM]   
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Just a few things, all of these prices are for the Xbox market. I got most of this information from internet searches and old YouTube videos. I took all the prices I could find and averaged them below. These aren't 100% accurate but they're the closest I could find. The market is very fluid during TOTY so expect a wide range of prices at...


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